When it comes to dream holiday destinations in Australia, the quirky coastal town of Byron Bay in Northern NSW tops the list for many. It’s not hard to see why this picturesque town has captured the hearts of both locals and international travelers. With abundant natural beauty, pristine beaches, world-renowned surf breaks, and a unique cultural scene appeal to holidaymakers, and for good reason.

However, the immense popularity of Byron Bay has led to certain drawbacks, including more crowds, increasing accommodation costs, more traffic congestion, and busier restaurants and shops, especially during peak tourist seasons. Finding a quiet spot on the beach can be a challenge, and while the surf is undoubtedly world-class, some breaks, notably The Pass and Wategos Beach, can get extremely busy. For this reason, some visitors to the area are opting for Byron Bay day trips instead of staying for the entire duration of their holiday. 

If you are searching for a holiday destination that offers a similar kind of coastal charm but at a slower pace, an alternative location to consider is just a stone’s throw away. Cabarita Beach is a hidden gem that offers many of the same perks as Byron Bay, but with a more relaxed and serene atmosphere. It’s a great choice for Gold Coast or Brisbane locals looking for a weekend getaway or a coastal break without traveling too far.

Cabarita Beach: A Hidden Gem

Cabarita Beach presents an enticing alternative for those wishing to enjoy the natural beauty and vibrant culture of the Northern NSW region. There are many reasons why it has become a beloved destination for interstate travelers seeking a more relaxed holiday vibe and a favourite for locals wanting to unwind and recharge.

Offering many of the same attractions as Byron Bay, you can still enjoy pristine beaches, scenic walks, and access to the best local hotspots. One of Cabarita Beach’s most significant advantages is its relative lack of crowds. Its proximity to Byron Bay means that you can enjoy the buzz of Byron during the day and return to the peaceful tranquility of Cabarita Beach in the evening.

Apart from the slower pace of Cabarita Beach you will also discover excellent surf, boutique shopping, art galleries, health spas, and incredible world-class local restaurants where you can dine at your leisure with friends or family. Staying with us at The Beach Cabarita Resort, you’ll enjoy spectacular beachfront views, luxurious resort facilities for the ultimate relaxation, and beautifully appointed apartments carefully designed to create the ideal luxurious ambience for you to relax in style. 

A Byron Bay Day Trip

Byron Bay’s appeal is undeniable. It’s a place where the natural world puts on a breathtaking show, from the rugged coastline to the lush hinterland. Beyond the surf, it offers many outdoor activities. You can hike to the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse, snorkel at Julian Rocks Marine Reserve, or embark on scenic coastal walks where you might spot dolphins frolicking in the waves, sea turtles gliding through the water, or even whales breaching during their migration season. 

Enjoy the thriving arts and music scene. You’ll find galleries showcasing local talent, live music performances, and a community that embraces alternative culture. The town’s markets are a treasure trove of unique crafts, vintage finds, and delectable local produce. Meanwhile, boutique shops line the streets, offering everything from bohemian fashion to handmade jewelry. When you’ve finished exploring, you’ll love returning to Cabarita Beach to unwind and recharge.

The Beach Resort Cabarita 

Standing out as an alluring coastal haven that encapsulates the essence of a perfect getaway and nestled along the pristine shores of Cabarita Beach, our resort provides a serene and picturesque setting that promises tranquility and relaxation.

With a range of luxurious accommodations, stunning ocean views, and an array of resort facilities, including three outdoor pools, direct beach access, and an on-site restaurant, it’s a place where every moment is marked by indulgence. What truly sets this resort apart is its strategic location. 

Situated between the vibrant energy of the Gold Coast and the serene charm of Byron Bay, it provides easy access to popular attractions while maintaining a peaceful and unspoiled ambience. Whether you seek a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a coastal retreat, The Beach Resort Cabarita offers an idyllic setting where nature, luxury, and convenience harmoniously converge to create unforgettable holiday experiences.